National Grid ESO – The NOA

National Grid ESO
Motion Graphics

The management and assessment of the UK’s electricity system is, as you might expect, rather complex.
National Grid ESO (Electricity System Operator) approached with a story to tell. How they create their Network Options Assessment or The NOA, a document which outlines a series of different approaches to the challenges on our electricity system.

The project involved a rigorous research exercise before we proposed how they could communicate the messages in a consumer centric way.

Once we had all the facts and the audience identified, we then worked on a script and storyboard to communicate it all.

We had a cache of brand assets from them but we also created other images to help the story further.

All of the preparation and planning enabled us to create an animation to help throughout their external communication plans.

Thanks must go to Victor, Gary and Hannah from National Grid ESO, allowing us to get a really great understanding of the issues, allowing to deliver a piece that works.