Manage My Workwear Video

May 13, 2015
Motion Graphics

Project Description

We love working with clients where we get our creative mitts on a new product or service and a blank sheet of paper of how to communicate this.

Safpro have been a client for a couple of years now and asked us for some help with explaining their new “Manage My Workwear” system to their potential customers. We took the story telling approach, telling the typical user journey of the use and benefits of the system… Enter Sarah.

Sarah in this case represents a client, a fairly typical one, with some fairly common problems amongst the potential customers safpro are talking to.Through the story we take our viewer on Sarah’s journey to using the system, allowing us to highlight the key benefits of the system along with the strong service culture that Safpro deliver.

We worked with a great illustrator to come up with the characters and then busied ourselves animating the final result. A swift voiceover session and some minor tweaks later… we were done!

We look forward to helping Safpro again when they come up with another idea.