Hartpury 2018

Hartpury College
July 19, 2018
Aerial Videography

A 360 hectare campus was our canvas for this incredible video for Hartpury College.

Over the summer months, its always good to get the drone in the air to capture some stunning imagery and this project meant we had to scramble one of our aircraft to get some incredible footage.

After having completed a campus video for Hartpury 4 years ago, the campus and facilities had moved on and the video content of the campus needed an update to reflect these.

We were lucky enough to have an incredible week of weather on the project which made their already beautiful campus really come alive on the footage.

Once the material was shot, the edit we needed to craft had to highlight several key points about the campus. The way we approached this was by tracking text into the footage creating some impactful visuals.

The video will be used on Hartpury’s website and video displays across the campus.