Gloucestershire College – The Only Thing Missing Is You!

Gloucestershire College
November 3, 2020
Video Production

When the phone rings and it’s a potential new client with a new piece of work, we usually get excited. This was true of Gloucestershire College. We already knew they had a great reputation but we had never been inside the 3 campuses they run, we were in for a visual treat.

Our job was simple in essence, to convey the incredible facilities that give the students the opportunity to grow.

A concept was pitched by us, using one script passed between college students, set to the backdrop of the facilities and equipment at their disposal. Seating messages that go further than the facilities but still conveying the fact that they have access to superb resources throughout their studies at the college.

We made three films in total, taking just over 4 days to film with a 3 person crew, using a variety of filming techniques to make it visually interesting.

We didn’t want to over produce this, we wanted to make this a genuine reflection of a college experience.

Thanks to an excellent script provided by Mighty Communications, this piece was a hit with our client and has received some great comment through the social channels these have been used across.