EMC: VNX5400 3D

Silver Agency
April 3, 2014

Project Description

Bexmedia was tasked at creating a 3D image sequence of the ‘VNX5400’ server by EMC and their partner the Lotus Formula 1 team. The idea was to create a website that used the 3D rendered images for the design. When the user loaded the website it would start with a full screen video revealing the F1 car and the VNX5400. The video would then pause and titles and information would then pop up over the top. When the user then clicked the video would then transition to the next information point. This will become clear if you watch the above video.

The challenge with this project was making sure the model had enough detail in both the Formula 1 car and the VNX5400 server. We were provided with a CAD model of the server and HDD unit but not a whole finished model. After many hours work the translation and cleanup process began, which took the CAD model into a useable and readable format for our 3D software of choice; Maxon Cinema4D.

Work then began on creating the rest of the geometry such as the custom carbon fibre front grill as well as the animation of all the parts for the client. The final sequence was then textured and lit to look realistic, rather than the flat grey that the translation process gave us.

The final images were then exported to the correct dimensions for the web developer, the hard part was keeping the quality as high as possible whilst maintaining the target file size.