Edge Intelligence Motion Graphic

Edge Intelligence
November 1, 2017
Motion Graphics

Every new client we work with comes with their own aims and objectives for the video content we are set to create. Edge Intelligence’s value proposition for their product looked from the outset as complex.

It was our job to condense this down into a video which resonated with their potential customers along with people who the concept of edge network analytics maybe new.

During this project we worked in collaboration with the team from Edge Intelligence to define a script that worked along with a visual style that reinforced this communication and resonated with their brand and tone of voice.

There was a fair amount of learning and understanding on the part of the Bexmedia team and the guys at Edge Intelligence gave us the time we needed to really get to grips with the story that needed telling.

A series of motion graphic treatments were devised along side the scripting to communicate the concepts in an engaging manner.

This area of computing is fascinating and we look forward to seeing the business develop. Check out the video below to see what they do…