DAS Law Mock Trial

DAS Group
July 26, 2016
Video Production

DAS Law came to us at Bexmedia to capture a mock trial for promotional use. A lot of planning was involved in order to get the right location for the shoot. It needed to be suitable as both a venue for a live audience as well as for our filming needs, all the while still looking like a trial. The final location was St George’s Bristol.

A lot of equipment was necessary for the shoot as it required many different angles to cover the events of the trial. We ended up using four 4K camera’s, notably two FS7’s, a FS700 and a Sony A7S, in order to cover the event. This also allowed for in post cropping of the footage if needed.

The titles, graphics and lower thirds were all made using after effects and dynamically linked into our premiere pro sequence to be used alongside the multi camera live event and interview footage.