Brabantia Bo Touch Bin – Montage Communications

Montage Communications
October 21, 2017
Video Production

On a sunny day at the tail end of the summer, we were commissioned by our friends over at Montage Communications¬†to work with them on producing a video to¬†introduce the new Brabantia bin named “Bo” to the City of London.

It was an action packed day, where the icon of a classic London bus was driven round a whole host of different publishers throughout the city. Once we arrived, journalists would come aboard to learn more about the beautiful new bin. They even had some very tasty smoothies made for them by the fantastic food blogger Emily Leary.

We used a series of compact cameras for use in a small space along with the first outing of our new steady-cam setup which gave us smooth shots adding a nice finish to the production.

The engagement with the launch was fantastic with a packed bus full of energy and photographs.

The video is being used to promote the launch within the UK along side some of their other fantastic kitchen products.In our opinion they have created a design icon and achieved their aim of making waste beautiful.