Gloucestershire County Council Antibiotic Resistance

Gloucestershire County Council
March 1, 2019
Motion Graphics

We were approached by Gloucestershire County Council to create an animation to inform and educate around important subject of the risks of the misuse of antibiotics.

This project was a little bit different than many we take on, as the wider campaign behind this initiative had been based on a competition entered by different student groups from across the county. The winning entry came from a group of students from Gloucestershire College.

They had already created posters and other materials to back up the campaign. This acted as a starting point for the artwork and style for what we had to create in video:

Part of the campaign was having the creative input from the students, we proposed having a storyboarding and scripting session with everyone involved, ensuring we had their views and ideas captured.

We locked ourselves in a room with many biscuits along with a lot of coffee and got to work.


Due to the script and creative treatment being a lot wider reaching than the current poster artwork, we would also need further artwork assets to allow for the storyboard to be animated successfully. By the end of the day we had a full script, outline storyboard and artwork asset list in order to create the finished piece.

Working with one of the various illustrators on the books we had the assets created and then, finally, we began animating.

The project took 7 days in total to animate.